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FOX News
Nov 9, 2012 1:00pm PST
situation. now we know that david petraeus will not be testifying. at all. bob, these projections... they're... optimistic. productivity up, costs down, time to market reduced... those are good things. upstairs, they will see fantasy. not fantasy... logistics. ups came in, analyzed our supply chain, inventory systems... ups? ups. not fantas who would have thought? i did. we did, bob. we did. got it. ♪ ♪ we're lucky, it's not every day you find a companion as loyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> the more people rely on uncle sam the more people would rely on your vote. that is hard to believe. i was with my colleague and friend lou dobbs noticing this. we are following up on this theme that you get something from the government you are not going to turn your back on it. >>guest: the governor was fighting a report of forces on election day in early voting. but when you are looking at as many as 35 to 40 percent of the state's population on entitlement or special assistance from the federal government, you have a whole new set of barriers to overcome as a repub
FOX News
Nov 13, 2012 1:00pm PST
are learning from david petraeus he took a trip to libya to get a firsthand account of exactly what happened in benghazi. now, the democratic chair woman of the senate intelligence committee ready to use her subpoena power to get the information on what he found out and now to catherine. >>reporter: beyond the issue of failing to notify congress about the f.b.i. investigation, the democratic chairman of the senate intelligence committee, senator feinstein is threatening to subpoena a report smartizing the trip to libya the week of october 31 where he personally looked into the attack. >> there is no reason this report hunt be part of that discussion and sooner rather than later. i agree with senator feinstein that it is hard to come up with any legitimate reason not to know what general petraeus saw and learned in libya. >>reporter: the acting director of the c.i.a. breached the house and senate minority leaders on capitol hill today and the senate foreign affairs committee held a closed hearing, the first of half a dozen hearings or briefings on the attack, where both democrats and republic
FOX News
Nov 12, 2012 1:00pm PST
spy but there could go way beyond the headlines of david petraeus and his lover or lovers because there are fears that she revealed classified information about the deadly benghazi attack or other things. but i can remember, monica, there were concerns about that with john f. kennedy when he was hanging out or charges were that he was hanging out with a former nazi spy before he became president and then, with close connection of the woman who had a close connection to the mob and there is still word. >> this goes back to the going of time, you think of mati hari, where a target is it up using a parley attractive women. as far as we know this is a consensual relationship but you are correct to say pillow talk, access to e-mails, access to laptops, the guy goes in the shower show has clear access to credit card numbers and bank accounts. we have in idea but the fact that the director of the c.i.a. put himself in such a position where he could be compromised by someone he thought he could trust is totally outrageous. >>neil: we do know that john f. kennedy got the attention of hoove
FOX News
Nov 15, 2012 4:00pm EST
in washington with general david petraeus, and of course the settlement from bp. that's to knight on the fox report 7:00 eastern and 6:00 central. until then, good afternoon. >>> fiscal cliff or fiscal free for all? welcome, everybody. deadline schmedline. 46 days until the cliff brings in the crack pot. far from spent, these guys are spending not less, but more. you heard me right. they are on the brink and still -- still breaking the bank. deals so good it would make him proud. >> you have to be kidding. ryan, you give anymore than that and they will call you santa clause instead of ron. >> how about another special tax hike on millionaires on top of one already in the works for the upper income? >> you convinced me to put in for steak knives, but i said there was more. you know what is missing over here? >> i'll tell what you is missing over here. more fun stuff like a one-year extension of the payroll tax holiday at the surprise of $20 million. >> i am going to throw that in, but i am not finished yet. there is even more. >> more indeed. what if i told you if you act now, al gore will pe
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)